Midland Portable Toilets

Midland Portable Toilets


Midland portable toilets is here to meet all your sanitation needs.

We offer our services for events including weddings, concerts, job sites, and anywhere else that needs a porta toilet.

We take satisfaction in handling this job quickly, from drop-off through cleaning to pick-ups. Actually, we can do any work, no matter how big or small.
Due of its central Texas location, Midland Portable Toilets can offer hygienic services in practically any place.

Call us at (888) 661-0988 today and we’ll create a quote just for you.

Our skilled team will tackle any difficulty you may have because we have years of experience.


Prices for porta potties might change depending on a few distinct factors. The length of your demand for the service, the type of venue, and the location are just a few factors to take into account when determining rental fees.

Contact us right away, and we’ll help you figure out how many portable toilets you’ll need.


When there are no toilets or bathrooms available, is it truly possible to maintain personal hygiene and use the restrooms?

Yes, you can, let us assist you. We offer the greatest solutions to this issue, and your alternatives include our portable restrooms and hand washing stations.

Even better, the procedure is straightforward, the prices are reasonable, and they utilize odor-removal detergent to keep the room smelling fresh.

The last thing you need is a pricey choice that also smells awful.

We all know what happens inside porta toilets, which are hardly the most attractive facilities.

Let Midwest Portable Toilets manage this situation; we’re also the finest choice for dumpster rentals.

Call us at (888) 661-0988 today and we’ll create a quote just for you.


When you rent portable toilets

Just give us a call when you decide you need a porta potty, and we’ll help you figure out how many you’ll need. Imagine you are in charge of organizing a concert, and the schedule indicates that there will be several stages and hundreds of attendees.

You already know that one portable toilet won’t do in this situation. But how many portable toilets will you need, and where should they be located?

What if a wedding with less than 50 attendees is scheduled to take place in a nearby park?

It should work if there are a few hand washing stations and more porta potties.

We have you covered when it comes to getting ready for any event, big or small.

Call us right away to find out more (888)661-0988.


These are excellent for job sites for building garbage and debris and are also known as roll-off dumpsters.

For most of our dumpsters, we offer “live load,” weekly, and monthly prices.

For locations where you only need the collected trash hauled off, the “live load” option is fantastic.

Remember that you’ll need tools for loading the trash and debris.

Dumpsters range in size from 2 to 40 yards. Because some of your waste can be recyclable, take into account the type you have.

To decide which choice offers the best value, we will discuss the various options.

When remodeling a home or working on a construction site, garbage containers are frequently the most effective way to handle the vast volumes of rubbish that are produced.

To make the clean-up portion of the process the simplest, Midland Portable Toilets offers a variety of customizable rental options for Jobsite porta potty and dumpsters.

We advise a house cleaning service that will send a crew qualified for this kind of work for clean-up tasks in and around your home.


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